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Saman Khanzada-Mirza
7 min readOct 20, 2020

In Covid Times

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Last night I was on a catch-up Zoom call with a bunch of old school friends, now dispersed around the world living their own versions of settled lives. Some are married, some divorced. Some working, some stay at home moms. We have not been physically present for each other since school days (that is some 25 years past) but have somehow managed to stay in touch remotely, weaving in and out of each other lives, touching base whenever one of us had a breather to catch up with one or some of us.

This time last year we were all planning to go on a grand reunion cruise in the summer of 2020. Look how that turned out! With all cruise liners docked indefinitely after Corona virus wrecked mayhem everywhere in the world. So for now, we are safely tucked in our respective homes in different parts of the world, with no foreseeable get-together plan, but still thankful that we can connect remotely via zoom or messenger calls and still have a chat and share a few laughs.

And last night was no exception, plenty of laughs and reminising but one thing came up again and again in our conversation as we shared our day to day life was how the new work-from-home Covid life has disrupted productivity for all of us.

It didn’t mater whether we were stay at home moms, or in managerial roles at large conglomerates or self employed running our own business. One of our friends is a healthcare practitioner, and you would think she would be feeling more in-service given current climate, but even she felt her effectiveness as a caregiver had suffered. Since she could no longer see many of her patients face to face and had to rely on (sometimes) bad internet connection to make sense of their ailments and worsening state of mind.

That got me thinking.

There certainly has been a huge paradigm shift in the way we work or think about work. This year has brought many challenges, but none so greater than being constrained physically at our homes. Our work/home boundaries have literally disappeared, along with the our perceived work-in-office/relax-at-home distinction.

Work hours are now, unhappily for most, spilling into our relaxation time. One of my friends was lamenting on how her division boss reconvenes all important meetings after 8pm –…



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