Career Or Calling

Saman Khanzada-Mirza
3 min readFeb 25, 2024

If you are drawn towards self improvement books and articles like I am, you would have read somewhere that it is infinitely better for your soul to have a calling rather than a soul-sucking career.

For a lucky few, their career is their life’s calling. These are the happy, content souls that derive immense satisfaction from their day jobs.

My career, mind you, has not exactly been soul-sucking, but neither has it been the impetus for my soul’s abiding bliss — which has bothered me and has often led me to wonder; in my pensive moods; what is my calling, my purpose, my reason for this earthly existence. If my career is not filling that void, what would?

And the answer to that has always been elusive, until recently.

If saints and sages are to believed, every soul born on earth, is here purposefully — with a pre-agreed list of to-dos which it must experience if it is to elevate itself on to a higher, better plane of being. So basically all souls come to this earthly plane hoping for an upgrade after they leave. The souls that find their purpose on this earth and act on it, are apparently well on the way to this upgrade, the rest of us struggle to find and meet the conditions that will improve our chances for an astral upgrade. We keep looking, searching for that purpose that can be our calling, our souls salvation.

The penny dropped for me the other day when I was reading the Holy Quran and I realized that the word used for self improvement in the Holy book is ‘be’.

Be kind; be merciful; be on the right path; be gracious. As such ones soul’s improvement does not involve having or fulfilling a purpose that exists outside of ourselves, which we keep looking for in our near or distant future, but rather ‘being’ in the present moment, ie, right now, being in a state where the soul experiences the here, the now, the good and the not so good. The internalization of the ‘now’ experiences, and being present fully and learning from them, is what will elevate our soul onto the next astral plane.

That made so much sense.

Why would God, the Almighty, reserve the realization of souls calling to a few select individuals while the rest of us keep searching for it all our lives? He is the Lord of all souls and as such would give a…



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