Harry, Spare Us!

Saman Khanzada-Mirza
4 min readJan 17, 2023

Prince’s Harry memoir ‘Spare’, not surprisingly has made quite a splash around the world.

Elite privilege combined with C-list stardom — Harry and Megan (self professed H&M) can not help but incite debate over every little thing that comes out of their mouth. And their mouths have had verbal diarrhea of late, with Harry’s latest truth bomb “Spare” and consequent publicity interviews topping even Megan’s subtle snides to the world at large on her podcast Archetypes.

But who exactly are these two kidding?

Not many people, I fervently hope for the sake of humanity.

Dear people of this world, please don’t be fooled by these two. They intend to take you on a ride on their sob story of being wronged on so many levels by so many people- but mark my words, they will slowly but surely dump you the minute you are totally invetsed in their ‘truth’ and rooting for them.

Harsh, you say. Let me explain.

Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’ reads like a woke novel. It may have his version of truths but all of his memories in his book are revisted by him and presented to us wearing a heavy cloak of prejudice, discrimination and victimhood at every turn.

As a young royal, Harry writes, he was discriminated against by his own parents and other royals for being second born, the spare to the…



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