Saman Khanzada-Mirza
4 min readSep 10, 2020


Nothingness: The Key to A Blissful Existence

“When everyone is trying to be something, be nothing. Range with emptiness. Human should be like a pot. As the pot is held by its emptiness inside, human is held by the awareness of his nothingness…It is not the decorations outside but the emptiness inside that holds us straight”.

Sufi Shams Tabrizi

Growing up did you ever hear your elders telling you to aim for nothing in life?

I bet not.

We are told the opposite.

We are encouraged to be someone, aim for somethings in life, have some goals that we can tick off with either material possessions (bigger house, bigger car, more money) or personal accolades (bigger title, bigger fame, bigger position) or personal goals (love and be loved, have friends, family, children)

All our lives, right till death renders us unable, we are chasing something. Be it tangible or intangible, measurable or immeasurable, our lives are spent chasing what some would call happiness, others fulfillment or even achievement.

Yet a great number of us, despite achieving some measure of things or personal goals in life still remain dis-satisfied. We are never content. The yearning for something just out of our reach always remains.

We see the testament to that everyday around us.

Loving marriages and homes are broken for this strange yearning for something more, something else. As are friends and colleagues trampled and betrayed for something better, something higher.

Why is it so hard to attain a state of fulfillment in what we have in the present?

Why does this constant chase for something we want (which some will call living) never leave us satiated?

Maybe that was not how life was intended to be lived at all.

If the end result of any project points to the path taken to achieve it, then the biggest clue for us to live life is death itself.

Because death takes us into the ultimate annihilation of our ego, where we are finally nothing. Not of no consequence, of course if we are lucky, we leave behind grieving people, but we become of no significance anymore.



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